U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Aviation & Missile Center provides increased responsiveness to the nation’s Warfighters through aviation and missile capabilities and life cycle engineering solutions.

The following projects have been awarded under the AMTC Other Transaction Agreements.  Please check periodically for updates.

ProjectRequirement AreaProject TitleAMTC MemberProject Value
June 2024
21-03-010GM-21-03-03Missile Payload & Target Sensor Enhanced Technologies Dynetics, Inc.$20.09M
23-04-001GM-23-04-01Machine Learning Applications for Mission Control Center Automation nou Systems, Inc.$15.16M
23-07-005SBIR-23-07-005Hybrid Range Extension for Electric Aircraft Beta Inc.$0.46M
May 2024
21-01-048GM-21-01-05Air & Missile Defense Modeling & Simulation Framework for Hardware Testing CFD Research Corporation$40.99 M
22-04-028MED-22-04-02Alternative Lug Effort Integrated Solutions for Systems$1.49 M
23-01-003GM-23-01-02AMD Sensor Control and Sensor Survivability Prototype Camgian Corporation$55.00 M
23-01-010GM-23-01-07Long Range Fires Missile System Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control$146.44 M
23-03-007GM-23-03-01Instrumentation Radars, Medium and Long Range Weibel Equipment, Inc$17.31 M
23-03-044GM-23-03-01Instrumentation Radars, Medium and Long Range SRC, Inc.$25.00 M
April 2024
21-03-004GM-21-03-04Hardware to Software Prototype and Simulation (HSPS) Architecture (The prototype)Hill Technical Solutions, Inc.$48.55M
21-03-017GM-21-03-03Enhanced Technology Integration for MissilesPractical Energetics Research Inc$20.73M
23-03-040MED-23-03-03CCDC Aviation & Missile Center Digital Eco-systemPeopleTec, Inc.$4.69M
March 2024
23-03-011AV-23-03-01Spar-less Tail with Advanced Strain MappingGriffon Aerospace, Incorporated$0.99M
22-05-003GM-22-05-01Non-Cooperative Target Recognition Testbed Software Prototype SupportPhased n Research, Inc.$44.08M
23-06-007GM-23-06-01Custody Engine Rapid Engagement Unified System (CEREUS) PrototypeBAE Systems Information and Electronic Systems Integration Inc.$80.65M
23-06-010GM-23-06-02Independent Test & Evaluation System for Prototype Custody EngineIntuitive Research and Technology Corporation$36.68M
23-06-005GM-23-06-01Closed-loop, dynamic target Custody Engine (CE)Raytheon Company$95.04M
23-07-006AV-23-07-06Seat Track Integrated Replaceable/Upgradable Protection System (STIRUPS) for HH-60MMACRO Industries, Inc.$9.00M
February 2024
20-01-174GM-20-01-03Common Architecture Framework for Extension of Security EoS (CAFE)Raytheon Company$47.31M
20-01-220GM-20-01-31Precision Strike Systems (PSS) Loitering MunitionMaturation ProjectAeroVironment, Inc.$47.06M
22-02-002GM-22-02-03Secure Weapon-system Integration Framework for Technology (SWIFT)DESE Research Inc.$94.71M
23-06-002GM-23-06-01REACH: Real-time Engine for Active Custody of High-priority targetsSystems and Technology Research$92.64M
23-07-004GM-23-07-004Independent Location Pointing DeviceZeus Research and Technology, Inc.$49.25M
January 2024
20-01-024GM-20-01-03Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTap)Invariant Corporation$49.99 M
20-02-059GM-20-02-09Project Insight: Enhanced Sensor to Shooter Targeting Systems Prototype TechnologiesT2S, LLC$92.24 M
December 2023
20-01-055GM-20-01-03Development and Prototyping of Advanced Protective Technology ArchitecturesCFD Research Corporation$92.54 M
20-01-145GM-20-01-03Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTaP)Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation$94.14 M
20-01-242GM-20-01-03Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTaP)Radiance Technologies, Inc.$95.00 M
22-01-026MED-22-01-01High Energy Laser and Beam Control System PrototypesnLight Defense Systems, Inc.$97.45 M
22-01-035GM-22-01-12Range Extension via Al-Li Alloy Fueled MotorAnduril Industries, Inc.$24.22 M
22-04-045MED-22-04-04Lightweight, Advanced Manufacturing of Metallic, Polymer and Composite Structures for Aviation and Missile Weapon Systems (LAMMPCS)Auburn University$50.00 M
23-01-011GM-23-01-01Advanced Fire Control Digital Engineering and Prototype Technologies (ADEPT) 2Torch Technologies, Inc.$85.00 M
23-01-019GM-23-01-02Data Analysis Sensor for Integrated Air and Missile Defense Systems Place Integration Innovation, Inc.$59.99 M
23-07-003AV-23-07-003Developing HALE System with Aerovel Flexrotor VTOL UASAerovel$4.99 M
November 2023
21-01-009AV-21-01-10Advanced Hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) Virtual Stimulator (AHVS) PrototypeHill Technical Solutions, Inc.$49.49 M
22-01-080MED-22-01-01Directed Energy TechnologiesThe University of Alabama in Huntsville$39.15 M
22-05-008MED-22-05-01Cryptographic Modernization PrototypingLegacy Consulting Services, LLC$95.75 M
October 2023
22-01-005MED-22-01-01Accessible Testbed Laser Advancement System (ATLAS)MZA$49.53 M
22-01-008GM-22-01-06Rocket Propulsion DevelopmentIntegration Innovation, Inc.$7.24 M
22-05-005GM-22-05-01Advanced Target Tracking and Combat Identification TechnologiesDynetics Inc.$14.99 M
22-05-012MED-22-05-01Mobile Device Design and Rapid Technology Network PrototypingT2S, LLC$98.30 M
September 2023
23-01-006GM-23-01-05Computational Lethality AssessmentAnyar, Inc.$9.99 M
23-01-043GM-23-01-05Computational Lethality Assessment 2023Karagozian & Case, Inc.$9.99 M
22-05-002GM-22-05-01Advanced Target Tracking and Combat Identification TechnologiesAviation & Missile Solutions, LLC$87.30 M
22-04-038MED-22-04-01HEL Lethality Assessment PrototypesRadiance Technologies, Inc.$55.64 M
22-06-005GM-22-06-02Next Generation Short Range InterceptorLockheed Martin$290.67 M
20-01-332GM-20-01-03Composable Secure System-in-Package (SiP) TechnologiesMercury Systems, Inc.$86.67 M
22-01-038GM-22-01-10TSC RF Seeker Test BedTechnology Service Corporation$4.14 M
22-01-090GM-22-01-04High Performance Explosives for Advanced Initiation SystemsNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$1.71 M
20-01-130AV-20-01-053D Printed Target Drone Structural AssemblyThe Boeing Company$1.19 M
22-01-100MED-22-01-01Prototype Development and Testing of the High Energy Laser Dagor (HEL-D) systemKratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc.$49.73 M
22-06-002GM-22-06-02Next Generation Short Range InterceptorRaytheon Company$412.56 M
22-01-093MED-22-01-01Advanced Airspace Defense Laser Weapon SystemRadiance Technologies, Inc.$98.56 M
21-02-029AV-21-02-05Air Launched Effects (ALE) System and Platform Integrated PrototypeDynetics Inc$20.30 M
22-01-070MED-22-01-01LAser technology Research Development and Optimization (LARDO)BlueHalo LLC, formerly The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc$95.38 M
19-04-105GM-19-04-01Guidance and Navigation System Development and Demonstration for Precision FiresNTA, Inc.$54.13 M
August 2023
23-10-001-15Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk ReductionBell Textron Inc.$156,276.00
20-01-088GM-20-01-08Corvid Extensible Warhead (CEW) for Precision Strike MunitionsCorvid Technologies$11.22 M
22-02-007GM-22-02-02Guidance Integration Technology PrototypesMonte Sano Research Corporation$15.00 M
23-07-001Small BusinessDraco Ventus Ground Test Tunnel and InfrastructureCFD Research Corporation$96.89 M
July 2023
22-01-019GM-22-01-01Survivability and Lethality Prototype Modeling and SimulationPeopleTec, Inc.$27.23 M
22-01-003GM-22-01-01Survivability Planning and Intercept Evaluation Tool (SPIET-D) Software ModernizationApplied Research Associates, Inc.$29.41 M
23-10-001-14Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk ReductionThe Boeing Company$119,952.00
23-10-001-02Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1GE Aviation Systems LLC$97,140.00
June 2023
21-02-015GM-21-02-08Missile and Aviation Energy Storage and ManagementCFD Research Corporation$28.99 M
22-01-040GM-22-01-10RF &IR Sensors and Seeker PrototypesDynetics Inc$27.31 M
22-04-025GM-22-04-02Silicon Carbide High-Voltage Switching DevicesWolfspeed Inc.$49.90 M
23-10-001-17Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk ReductionDC Shidler Consulting, LLC$69,620.00
23-10-001-01Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Corvid Technologies$181,845.00
23-10-001-04Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation$15,207.00
23-10-001-08Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Sierra Nevada Corporation$257,440.00
23-10-001-13Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Elbit Systems of America$68,417.00
23-10-001-11Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Tucson Embedded $99,526.00
23-10-001-09Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Collins Aerospace$703,690.00
23-10-001-10Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1PeopleTec, Inc.$83,138.00
23-10-001-05Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Skayl$152,852.00
23-10-001-03Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Real-Time Innovations, Inc. (RTI)$91,337.00
23-10-001-12Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk ReductionParry Labs, LLC$478,518.00
23-10-001-16Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Lynx Software Technologies, Inc.$169,998.00
23-10-001-06Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.$307,609.00
23-10-001-07Task RequestModular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Risk Reduction Sub Task 1Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (A Lockheed Martin Company)$526,803.00
May 2023
20-02-002MED-20-02-05Over the Air Disseminator (OTAD)VES LLC$20.82 M
22-01-006GM-22-01-05High-Speed Penetrator Instrumentation DevelopmentApplied Research Associates, Inc.$6.44 M
22-01-021GM-22-01-11Prototype Instrumentation for Explosive Range Capability EnhancementsOutpost Technologies, Inc.$9.87 M
April 2023
20-01-261GM-20-01-13Advanced Tactical Missile Propulsion PrototypesGeneral Dynamics$15.65 M
20-02-132MED-20-02-03Rapid Analysis for the Integration of Long Range Precision Fires (RAIL)Research Innovations Incorporated$23.13 M
21-03-005GM-21-03-06Air and Missile Defense Countermeasures PrototypeSimulation Technologies, Inc.$6.04 M
22-04-004GM-22-04-01Radio Frequency (RF) Seeker Performance ImprovementsAviation & Missile Solutions, LLC$49.67 M
March 2023
19-03-154GM-19-03-27Autonomous Robotic Remote Refueling Point (AR3P)Cintel, Inc.$14.04 M
20-01-085GM-20-01-19Assessing Performance of Weapon Systems using a Synergy of Advanced Testing and Enhanced ModelingSouthwest Research Institute$9.43 M
22-01-037GM-22-01-04Energetic, Initiator and Fuze Development for Next Gen. Weapon SystemsBattelle Memorial Institute$7.98 M
February 2023
21-01-030GM-21-01-08Sensor Prototypes for Long Range Precision Fire (LRPF) MissilesDynetics Inc$36.56 M
21-05-003AV-21-05-01Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemAeroVironment, Inc.$24.06 M
21-05-004AV-21-05-01Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$20.59 M
21-05-005AV-21-05-01Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemGriffon Aerospace, Incorporated$23.22 M
21-05-006AV-21-05-01Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemSierra Nevada Corporation$23.18 M
21-05-012AV-21-05-01Future Tactical Unmanned Aircraft SystemTextron Systems$24.44 M
22-01-032GM-22-01-12Development & Demonstration of Long Range Fires CapabilityLockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control$33.33 M
22-01-055GM-22-01-12Long Range Precision Fires (LRPF) Air-breathing Missile PrototypesRaytheon Company$97.74 M
January 2023 - No Awards
December 2022
21-01-014GM-21-01-04S-TRAC Prototyping TestbedTorch Technologies, Inc.$34.34M
22-01-014GM-22-01-12Guidance and Navigation Solutions for Long Range FiresNTA, Inc.49.35M
22-01-103GM-22-01-12Long-Range Fires Missile Systems and Subsystems Prototypes (EP101-21)Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation34.35M
November 2022
21-03-007GM-21-03-02Prototype Virtual Air Defense Skills Trainer (AST)Torch Technologies, Inc.9.99M
22-01-004GM-22-01-12Supersonic Ramjet Artillery Missile (SuperRAM)Monte Sano Research Corporation49.79M
October 2022
20-01-046MED-20-01-04ADEPTTorch Technologies, Inc.$2.34 M
September 2022
19-01-044GM-006Assured Position, Navigation and Timing (APNT) Development for Guided Missile TechnologyNTA, Inc.$27.67 M
19-08-034GM-19-08-07PGM Enhanced CapabililtiesGeneral Dynamics - OTS$1.78 M
20-01-133AV-20-01-14Single Molded Multi-Tubular Structures with Innovative Tooling ApproachSwift Engineering, Inc.$0.98 M
20-02-014GM-20-02-03Long Range Instrumentation Radar -Wide FOV (LRR-W)Weibel Equipment, Inc$20.62 M
20-02-060GM-20-02-13Multi Domain Multi Tier System of Systems PrototypingT2S, LLC$96.50 M
20-03-040AV-20-03-01Boeing AV-20-03-01 Tail Rotor Drive System UpgradeThe Boeing Company$54.29 M
21-01-013GM-21-01-09Unmanned Launcher Prototypes for LRPF MissilesMonte Sano Research Corporation$49.43 M
21-01-016GM-21-01-08Sensor Prototypes for LRPFTechnology Service Corporation$30.33 M
21-01-022GM-21-01-05Air and Missile Defense Advanced Technology ToolkitHill Technical Solutions, Inc.$40.62 M
21-02-006GM-21-02-05FLIR R1 VTOL ALMAgentase, LLC$0.39 M
21-02-019GM-21-02-05UAVS Ghost WVTOL Loitering Munition Echelon-Zero-MicroUAV Solutions Inc.$0.39 M
21-02-037GM-21-02-05Weaponization of Verticle Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) DronesAeroVironment, Inc.$0.38 M
21-02-082GM-21-02-05Weaponization of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) DronesShield AI, Inc.$0.30 M
22-01-024AV-22-01-02Software Toolset for Fatigue Analysis of Composite Structural ComponentsUniversity of Texas Arlington$1.00 M
22-01-033AV-22-01-02Lightweight Damage Tolerant Structures for Future Vertical Lift PlatformsGriffon Aerospace, Incorporated$0.99 M
22-01-047AV-22-01-02Large Area Cold Spray Additive Mfg of Lightweight Isogrid StructuresTriton Systems, Inc.$0.97 M
22-07-004Small BusinessSoftware-Defined Radio-based Inexpensive Radar Emulator (SIREN) SBIR Phase IIISystems & Technology Research (STR)$5.34 M
August 2022
19-03-082AV-19-03-14Rapid Prototyping Technologies for Tactical Manned-Unmanned Aerial SystemsResearch and Engineering Development, LLC$15.12 M
19-10-006GM002Hero-120 OPF for Medium Range Precision Strike SystemSpectra Technologies, LLC$16.00 M
20-01-263GM-20-01-19Target Vulnerability and Weapons EffectivenessCorvid Technologies$4.96M
21-01-029GM-21-01-05PeopleTec - GM-21-01-05PeopleTec, Inc.$39.88 M
21-03-024MED-21-03-04Advanced Aeroshell Technology DevelopmentReLogic Research, Inc.$2.84 M
July 2022
21-02-008GM-21-02-02P3I for LTAMDSRaytheon Company$353.93 M
June 2022
21-01-008MED-21-01-03Artificial Intelligence for Army ADA and FA Simulators and Training DevicesDynetics Inc$29.19M
21-01-070MED-21-01-05Cyber Aware Network ResilienceTechximius Corp$49.66 M
21-07-001SBIR-22Close Combat Demonstration Missile TestbedArea-I, Inc.$45.96M
May 2022
21-02-012AV-21-02-05Air Launched Effects (ALE) System and Platform IntegratorAurora Flight Sciences$15.22 M
April 2022
19-03-172GM-19-03-11Munition Development and EvaluationsSURVICE Engineering Company, LLC$.09 M
March 2022
19-03-187GM-19-03-26Hypersonic MP and FC Technology Demonstration PrototypeVerity Integrated Systems, Inc.$26.80 M
22-07-002Small BusinessImproved Repeatability and Reliability of RF Materials for Extreme EnvironmentsATC Materials$1.03 M
February 2022
20-01-083MED-20-01-05HPM Small Form Factor Integrated Source Prototype Development & TestRadiance Technologies, Inc.$25 M
20-02-007GM-20-02-17Spike NLOS Interim LRPM HardwareLockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control$138.92 M
21-02-095GM-21-02-10CPS Material Models for Structural Protection SystemSouthern Research$29.42 M
Janurary 2022
20-02-126GM-20-02-04High Performance Explosives for Advanced Initiation SystemsNorthrop Grumman$0.88 M
21-07-002SBIRAdvanced Materials, Fabrication, and PackagingEngenius Micro LLC$48.99 M
December 2021
19-03-071GM-19-03-26Long Range Fires Technology PrototypingKord Technologies Inc.$52.15 M
20-01-278AV-20-01-23MDO/JADO Aviation System-of-Systems Model and Architecture GovernanceJHNA$4.85 M
21-01-019GM-21-01-07Technologies for Multiple Simultaneous Engagement Technologies (MSET)Invariant Corporation$20.00 M
November 2021
20-02-008GM-20-02-06Guided Missile/Prototype Long Range Precision Munition for Interim Solution for Army AH64-D/E Aircraft ProjectLockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control$29.25M
October 2021 - No Awards
September 2021
19-03-160GM-19-03-26Dev and Characterization of Adv Materials for Next-Gen LRF CapabilitySouthern Research$34.99 M
19-04-065MED-19-04-04Adv Hypersonic Manufacturing Through Non-Contact Measurement IntegrationIntegration Innovation, Inc.$47.31 M
19-04-112AV-19-04-19Sheath (AMTC Protected Waveform)Collins Aerospace$0.88 M
19-08-018GM-19-08-03Low Earth Orbit Small Satellite Constellation TechnologyDynetics Inc$89.98 M
20-01-115GM-20-01-08Enhanced Warhead for Precision Strike Loitering MunitionsGeneral Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems$1.46 M
20-01-165GM-20-01-08ATK Launch Systems Inc. GM-20-01-08 Whitepaper ResponseNorthrop Grumman$0.62 M
20-01-210GM-20-01-18Guided Munition (M30A1, M31A1) GNC OptimizationKord Technologies Inc.$65.63 M
20-01-217GM-20-01-08Enhanced Warhead for Precision Strike Loitering MunitionsAeroVironment, Inc.$0.52 M
20-01-244GM-20-01-13High Performance Solid Rocket PropulsionNorthrop Grumman$13.62 M
20-01-255GM-20-01-02Rocket Tube and Launch Pod Design and FabricationGeneral Dynamics$15.76 M
20-02-053GM-20-02-16Next Generation Materials for Missile ApplicationsWichita State University$49 M
20-02-065GM-20-02-04Exploding Foil Initiator (EFI) Prototype DevelopmentBattelle Memorial Institute$0.58 M
20-02-076GM-20-02-04Characterization of Adv. Initiator Prototypes for Next Gen. Weapon SystemsBattelle Memorial Institute$1.33 M
20-02-120GM-20-02-16Advanced Composites for High Temperature Missile and Aviation StructuresMaterial Sciences, LLC$48.81 M
21-01-001AV-21-01-06The Next Aviation Ground Power Unit: AgilePowerJohn Bean Technologies Corporation$6.49 M
21-01-024AV-21-01-06AVIATION GROUND POWER UNIT, INCREMENT II, (AGPU 1.1)Sun Test System Inc.$10.69 M
21-01-057GM-21-01-06Advanced Aerodynamic and Instrumentation Features and Simulation (A2IFS)Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc.$48.51 M
21-01-059AV-21-01-08AV-21-01-08: FY21 TACTICAL UAS MODULAR PAYLOADSNexTech Solutions$1.87 M
August 2021
20-01-007GM-20-01-10Pragmatic Artificial Intelligence and New Technology 2020 Prototypes1st Edge LLC$46.66 M
20-01-035GM-20-01-03Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTaP)The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.$9.9 M
20-01-084GM-20-01-08Enhanced Warhead for Precision Strike Loitering MunitionRaytheon Company$1.9 M
20-01-107GM-20-01-10Test Design Framework PrototypeHill Technical Solutions, Inc.$49.49 M
20-01-225GM-20-01-19Performance Assessments of Prototype and Concept WeaponsIntegrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S)$10 M
20-07-005SBIRWeapons Performance Modeling and Target PrototypesCorvid Technologies$97.29 M
20-03-001GM-20-03-01Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) PrototypesDynetics Inc$19.99 M
July 2021
19-03-032GM-19-03-12Digital Data Ecosystem Toolkit for Air and Missile Defensenou Systems, Inc.$4.8 M
June 2021
20-07-006SBIRMultimedia Processing and Control SystemCorvid Technologies$41.94 M
May 2021
20-01-175GM-20-01-25An Effective, Affordable Co-axial Missile SystemDynetics Inc$0.10 M
April 2021
19-03-077GM-19-03-06Digital Guided Missile Prototype (DGMP)Raytheon Company$10.47 M
19-04-048AV-19-04-18End Game Data Acquisition System Functional PrototypeSimulation Technologies, Inc.$1.62 M
20-01-168GM-20-01-25Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System - Ghost VTOLUAV Solutions Inc.$0.10 M
20-01-192GM-20-01-25GM-20-01-25 Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile SystemNorthrop Grumman$0.10 M
20-01-213GM-20-01-14Guided Munition (M30A1 M31A1 XM403 and XM404) WarheadKord Technologies Inc.$78.91 M
20-01-219GM-20-01-25Lethal Miniture Aerial Missile SystemAeroVironment, Inc.$0.10 M
20-01-236GM-20-01-25Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile System - MAAX WingUAV Solutions Inc.$0.10 M
20-01-253GM-20-01-25Enhanced Loitering Missile System with Smart Mission PlanningApplied Research Associates, Inc$0.09 M
20-01-306GM-20-01-25LMAMS - ROTEM Loitering MunitionElta North America$0.10 M
March 2021
19-10-002GM002Advanced Loitering Munitions for Maritime Precision EngagementAeroVironment, Inc.$26.12 M
19-04-124GM-19-04-04Next Generation Automated Targeting Solution for Long-Range Precision FiresBooz Allen Hamilton Inc$73.58 M
20-01-047GM-20-01-12HySCORESTorch Technologies, Inc.$28.43 M
20-01-119GM-20-01-23Missile System Test Interfaces and M&SDynetics Inc$11.58 M
20-01-342MED-20-01-11Precision Fires Automation and ModernizationTechximius Corp$49.37 M
February 2021
19-08-026 GM-19-08-04PNTAX Prototype Technologies T2S, LLC$95.23 M
20-01-017 GM-20-01-11Air and Missile Defense Radio Frequency Sensor PrototypesDynetics Inc$20.00 M
20-01-144 GM-20-01-33Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Small Satellite Payload TechnologyIridium Satellite, LLC$30.04 M
20-01-163 MED-20-01-11Network Operations (NETOPS) Automation TechnologiesT2S, LLC$47.38 M
20-01-227 GM-20-01-19LVS MS&AARA$10.50 M
20-01-296 BMED-20-01-11Network Aware Fires ModernizationAASKI Technloogy$49.95 M
January 2021
20-01-018AV-20-01-02Long Life Improved Dust and Moisture Boot for H-47Tiburon Associates, Inc.$0.73 M
20-01-307AV-20-01-14Lightweight Affordable Resilient Structures (LARS)The Boeing Company$0.73 M
20-07-003SIBRPlume/Wake/Hypersonic Flowfield and Hardbody Signature Prediction SystemSpectral Sciences, Inc.$3.8 M
December 2020
20-01-018AV-20-01-02Long Life Improved Dust and Moisture Boot for H-47Tiburon Associates, Inc.$0.73 M
20-01-307AV-20-01-14Lightweight Affordable Resilient Structures (LARS)The Boeing Company$0.73 M
20-07-003SIBRPlume/Wake/Hypersonic Flowfield and Hardbody Signature Prediction SystemSpectral Sciences, Inc.$3.8 M
November 2020
19-01-031GM-007Range Extending Rocket Motor for Air-to-Ground Missile SystemsNorthrop Grumman Innovation Systems$20.05 M
20-01-021MED-20-01-03Munitions Cryofracture Demilitarization Automation DemonstrationGeneral Atomics$1.60 M
October 2020
19-03-011 BMED-19-03-05Version 2 Dev of Prototype Technology for the Pilot CSOCQuantum Research International, Inc.$89.99 M
September 2020
19-01-037GM-010Warhead Technologies for Next Generation MissilesDynetics Inc$10.00 M
19-02-032GM-009Virtual Models & Prototypes of Army Weapon SYS Critical Computing HWD & SWDynetics Inc$47.00 M
19-03-001GM-19-03-25Spread Modulation for Airborne Communications (SMAC)Silvus Technologies, Inc.$7.53 M
19-03-047GM-19-03-06Digital Guided Missile PrototypesThe Boeing Company$20.22 M
19-03-062GM-19-03-06Conceptual Design Studies for Advanced MissilesLockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control$2.37 M
19-03-097GM-19-03-27Operational Energy SystemIntuitive Research and Technology Corporation$0.72 M
19-03-103GM-19-03-06Modular Sensor and Guidance Kits (MSGK) for Missiles and MunitionsBAE SYSTEMS$17.30 M
19-03-128GM-19-03-28Adverse Environment Mitigation and OptimizationCFD Research Corporation$0.70 M
19-03-135GM-19-03-30Online Model Building & RF-IR CorrelationTechnology Service Corporation$1.80 M
19-04-120GM-19-04-11Advanced Space Test & Propulsion Laboratory DevelopmentTeledyne Brown Engineering, Inc.$49.87 M
19-08-005AV-19-08-05Safe and Highly Reliable Li-Ion Intelli-Pack Common BatterySpace information Laboratories, LLC$1.50 M
19-08-007AV-19-08-06Joint Gulf Range ModernizationIntuitive Research and Technology Corporation$187.60 M
20-01-260AV-20-01-14Composite Closed-Mold Co-Cured Assemblies (CCMCCA)Applied Composites$0.62 M
20-01-321AV-20-01-14Lightweight Low-Cost Multifunctional Composite for StructureSURVICE Engineering Company, LLC$0.62 M
August 2020
19-02-081GM-0113D Integrated Circuit Prototypes for Int Family of Protective TechHoneywell International$44.57 M
19-03-022GM-19-03-28System-Level Environmental Characterizationnou Systems, Inc.$2.24 M
19-03-115GM-19-03-18Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) ResiliencyIntegration Innovation, Inc.$48.38 M
19-04-008AV-19-04-03Selex ALE SPEAKK PayloadSelex Galileo Inc$2.44 M
19-04-023AV-19-04-01L3T Air Launched Effects: Mission SystemL3 Technologies, Inc.$3.83 M
19-04-046AV-19-04-03ALE Decoy PayloadTechnology Service Corporation$2.26 M
19-04-060AV-19-04-03Air Launched Effects PayloadRaytheon Company$2.47 M
19-04-067AV-19-04-01Collins Aerospace ALE Mission SystemCollins Aerospace$2.49 M
19-04-074AV-19-04-06AMTC AV-19-04-06 MAISRL3 Communications Integrated Systems, L.P.$78.97 M
19-04-079AV-19-04-02Air Launched Effects Air VehicleRaytheon Company$2.60 M
19-04-095AV-19-04-02ALTIUS On-Demand UAS Air Launched Effects (ALE) VehicleArea-I, Inc.$2.53 M
19-04-104AV-19-04-02HERO-400EC Loitering Munition Air VehicleDefense Electronic Systems Division of Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems, Inc.$2.43 M
19-04-111AV-19-04-01Air Launched Effects (ALE) Mission SystemsAurora Flight Sciences$3.11 M
19-04-118AV-19-04-03HERO-400EC Loitering Munition Air Launched Effects: PayloadsNorthrop Grumman$5.02 M
July 2020
19-03-036GM-19-03-05GM-19-03-05: Multi-Role, Guided Loitering Missile SystemAeroVironment, Inc.$0.08 M
19-03-162GM-19-03-18Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) ResiliencyParagon Research Corporation$38.00 M
19-03-167MED-19-03-05Deloitte White Paper ResponseDeloitte Consulting LLP$12.97 M
19-03-175GM-19-03-05ALTIUS UAS Utilization for Multi-Role, Guided Loitering Missile SystemArea-I, Inc.$0.08 M
19-06-002AV-19-06-01AMTC 19-06 EMARSS-EL3Harris Integrated Systems$42.85 M
20-07-002SIBRSurface Ship Missile Performance Analysis and Engagement OptimizationCorvid Technologies$24.84 M
June 2020
19-03-021GM-19-03-05Multi-Role Guided Missile-Extend RangeRaytheon Company$0.07 M
19-03-056GM-19-03-06Digital Missile PrototypesGeneral Atomics$8.02 M
19-08-025GM-19-08-05LEO System of Systems T2S, LLC$47.26 M
May 2020
19-03-012GM-19-03-06Digital Guided Missile PrototypesMonte Sano Research Corporation$23.95 M
19-03-016GM-19-03-30AI/Machine/Deep Learning Support of Missile Defense Battle CommandArcharithms, Inc.$2.42 M
19-03-029MED-19-03-02Integrated Systems Solutions Next Generation Live/Virtual/Constructivenou Systems, Inc.$4.60 M
19-03-049AV-19-03-11Survivability Against Integrated and Networked ThreatsNorthrop Grumman Systems Corporation$1.72 M
19-03-060GM-19-03-05Multi-Role, Guided Loitering MissileGeneral Atomics$0.05 M
19-03-125GM-19-03-30Multi-Agent Collaborative Deep Reinforcement Learning for Battle CommandExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc.$0.70 M
19-04-097AV-19-04-04Ground Based Fire Control Radar TechnologyTechnovative Applications$1.95 M
19-08-029MED-19-08-01Autotune Filter Manufacturing Improvement PrototypeMetamagnetics Inc.$2.80 M
April 2020
19-03-020 AV-19-03-15TStorm System of SystemsCOLSA Corporation$46.44 M
19-10-018 GM-002Composite Anti-Maritime Penetrator (CAMP)Management Services Group, Inc., doing business as (dba) Global Technical Systems (GTS)$5.20 M
20-07-001SBIRAutomated Test & Re-Test (ATRT)-Based Mission Engineering and Effects Chains (MECs)Innovative Defense Technologies$19.67 M
March 2020
19-03-142 GM-19-03-14DECIDER WorkbenchTorch Technologies, Inc.$7.93 M
19-03-188 GM-19-03-29Robust Adaptive Threat Characterization to Support BMDBMModern Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI)$4.49 M
19-04-009 AV-19-04-02Red Hawk as Air Launched Effects Air VehicleL3 Technologies, Inc.$46.25 M
19-07-005SBIRManufacturing Technologies for Lethality and Protection DemonstratorCorvid Technologies$48.04 M
19-07-007SBIRE-Drill Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) Fastener Removal Technology EvaluationPerfect Point EDM$0.23 M
19-08-006 AV-19-08-08Bell FLRAA Response to Enhanced White PaperBell Textron Inc.$56.29 M
19-08-024 AV-19-08-08Response to FLRAA CD&RR Request for Whitepaper AV-19-08-08Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (A Lockheed Martin Company)$64.75 M
February 2020
19-03-014GM-19-03-03Electromagnetic Signature Management SubsystemsCTC Enterprise Ventures$1.1M
19-03-019MED-19-03-04Manufacturing Improvement Prototype for Complex Missile SeekersNational Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining$2.5M
January 2020 - No Awards
December 2019 - No Awards
November 2019
19-02-025GM-008Maturation of the IBCS Weapons System through Agile Technical InsertionNorthrop Grumman$69.90M
19-03-003AV-19-03-01UH-60 Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Medical Interior UpgradeUnited Rotorcraft, An Air Methods Division$7.56M
19-02-002GM-004Advanced Technologies PrototypeHill Technical Solutions, Inc.$47.48M
October 2019
19-02-030GM-19-02-011Development and Verification Processes for Protective TechnologiesInvariant Corporation$45M
19-02-056GM-19-02-011Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTaP)Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation$12.5M
September 2019
19-01-017GM-01-0013D Woven TPS Technologies for Hypersonic MissilesBally Ribbon Mills$24.9M
19-01-018GM-01-008BETS Prototype Launcher for FVL Legacy Platforms and Ground Based SystemsBradshaw Engineering and Technical Services, LLC$10M
19-01-019GM-01-010Advanced Warhead TechnologiesDE Technologies Inc.$0.4M
19-01-030GM-01-001Affordable Fabrication of 3D C-C Preforms via Jumbo Jacquard WeavingT.E.A.M., Inc.$12.8M
19-01-035GM-01-008Future Vertical Lift PlatformsDynetics Inc$9.9M
19-01-049GM-01-005Advanced Prototype SensorsDynetics Inc$28M
19-01-050GM-01-001SPIRE Guided Missile GM-001SPIRE Manufacturing Solutions, LLC$26.9M
19-01-061GM-01-001Thermal Protection Systems for Hypersonic Glide VehiclesNorthrop Grumman Innovation Systems$3.4M
19-01-067MED-01-003Counter Proliferation (CP) Vehicular PlatformsIntuitive Research and Technology Corporation$9M
19-01-075GM-01-001Development of Hypersonic Vehicle TPS for Prototype FabricationFiber Materials Inc.$45.3M
19-01-077AV-01-001SNC IMS Response to AMTC-19-01 AV-001Sierra Nevada Corporation$5.2M
19-02-004GM-02-011Prototyping of Advanced Protective Technology ArchitecturesCFD Research Corporation$88.9M
19-02-014GM-02-011Integrated Family of Protective Technologies and Processes (IFPTaP)Radiance Technologies, Inc.$95M
19-02-033GM-02-011Protection for Critical Tech. and HW Assurance for Aviation and Missile SysDynetics Inc$94M
19-10-011GM-10-002SkyStriker-C for the GM-002 Medium Range Precision Strike SystemElbit Systems of America$.1M
19-03-004MED-19-03-05Development of Prototype Technology for the Pilot CSOCQuantum Research International, Inc.$89.9M
19-03-006GM-19-03-17CREWS Engineering and Integration FrameworkDESE Research Inc.$46.1M
19-03-018MED-19-03-03Additive Manufacturing Technology Insertion in the Supply ChainNational Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining$23.9M
19-03-035AV-19-03-16DARPA Manned-Unmanned Teaming TestbedQuantum Research International, Inc.$1.9M
19-07-004SBIRModeling of Missile System/Target Intercepts and Range SafetyCorvid Technologies$44.4M
19-07-006SBIRHypersonic Payload Development and PerformanceCorvid Technologies$48.6M
August 2019
19-01-076GM-01-001Hypersonic Missile TPS and Seeker Window Technology Prototype DevelopmentIntegration Innovation, Inc.$159.3M
19-02-052AV-01-002Resilient Open Position, Navigation and Timing SystemsIntegrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.$34.5M
19-10-014GM-10-002HERO-400EC Loitering Munition for Maritime Precision EngagementAlliant Techsystems Operations LLC$.1M
19-11-006GM-11-001Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) System Integration PrototypeLockheed Martin$337.7M
July 2019
19-02-006GM-02-006On the Move EngagementMonte Sano Research Corporation$14.9M
19-02-051GM-02-005Signature Management and Passive Defense Integration for Precision Fires (SIP)Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation$.7M
June 2019
19-01-039GM-01-011Emerging Materials for High Speed Missile ApplicationsWichita State University - NIAR$32.9M
19-01-089GM-01-011Missile Materials and Structures OptimizationMaterials Sciences, LLC$31.6M
19-07-001SBIRHypervelocity Missile Intercept Modeling and Target PrototypesCorvid Technologies$48.6M
19-07-002SBIRHigh Energy Laser, Pilotage, and Targeting Sensors for Apache HelicopterPolaris Sensor Technologies, Inc$2.5M
19-07-003SBIRHypervelocity Missile Intercept Modeling and Target PrototypesCorvid Technologies$48.6M
19-01-056GM-01-001A Physical Model of Thermal Protection Systems and Integrated Seeker Window Technologies for Future Hypersonic VehiclesCFD Research Corporation$41.9M
19-10-005GM-10-002HERO-30SF for Short Range Precisions Strike SystemSpectra$0.1M
19-10-009GM-10-001Ground-launched Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS II) Laser Guided Rocket for Special Operations Forces (SOF)BAE$0.08M